In the twelfth century,
one finds traces of a landowner
Chaumont, the Vicomte de Sens, who began building a church
in his lordship newly established as a parish.

Around 1180, the land becomes lordship by marriage to the family of Des Barres
many of whom distinguished themselves, especially Jean Des Barres, who is first promoted
Marshal of France 1318. In 1613, the Lordship of Chaumont was sold to Henry de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, followed by exchange of land becomes the property of the family Bernage.
Since the revolution, many owners come and go, including the Marquis Aymard de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet.

Renovations are undertaken in 1890 and 1912. It was at this time that the property takes its final appearance. After major refurbishment work, the grids
Château de Chaumont open to the public in 1989